Van's Aircraft  -  Van's RV series are very popular, assembled at home, full size airplanes.
   Cessna Aircraft Company  -  Makers of legendary aircraft, like the Cessna 140.
   Sonex, Ltd.  -  Easy to build at home, Sonex is a popular, full size, all metal airplane.
   Tips for Better Aircraft Visibility  -  Color Selection Tips.
   Coloring R/C Aircraft  - Dr. Robert Suding's Suggestions.
   How to Draw an Aircraft Paint Scheme  - Teaches basic skills for drawing a paint scheme.
   RC Universe  -  R/C discussion groups, auctions and more.
   R/C Web Directory  -  Ultimate Guide to R/C modeling on the Web.
   modelflight  -  It's virtually a Model Flying Club.
   RC Airplane Plans  -  Free Plans and more.
   RC CAD  -  Computer Aided Design program for modelers.
   NASA Tutorial  -  Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics.
   NASA Glenn Research Center  -  Index of Aerodynamics Topics.
   Educator Labs  -  Former teachers doing free research for current teachers.

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